Peoria, AZ Truck Accident Causes Critical Injuries

A disastrous head-on collision between a compact car and semi-trailer on State Route 74 was recently reported near Peoria, Arizona. The truck caught fire and the car’s driver was critically injured.

One common mistake after a serious trucking accident in Arizona is hesitating to retain a lawyer soon after sustaining the injury. Many make this mistake honestly: there are greater concerns after a severe injury than hiring an attorney or worrying about paperwork. Some believe there’s no hurry since they have two years to file a lawsuit in Arizona after most accidents.

But if the injured party delays, Federal regulations favor the trucking company. After six months, records may be destroyed. Many trucking companies send investigators or lawyers to the scene while police collect evidence, putting the plaintiff at a real disadvantage.

Allowing a grief-stricken family such a short time to contact Arizona auto accident lawyers is unfair. However, that’s the unfortunate fact of federal evidence collection laws. Any delay sometimes means the difference between receiving necessary compensation to offset lost wages and medical bills– and getting nothing at all.

If you or anyone you know has been involved in a collision with an over-the-road trucker, contact an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible. Even if the injured has no interest in filing a claim, consulting qualified attorneys like us will help. Don’t allow further suffering by forfeiting needed compensation. Contact a skilled Phoenix truck accident lawyer with your vital questions so an educated decision can be made.

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