Pregnant Woman Injured in Phoenix Six-Car Accident

This blog’s readers understand that Phoenix personal injury attorneys help protect people from exploitation. One shocking area of abuse: the government’s own liability laws.

According to a news report, one local mother gave birth to a baby who may have brain damage following a six-car accident at 83rd Avenue and Thomas Road. Worse, the Chevy Malibu involved was driven by a City of Phoenix employee. Though we don’t know the accident’s cause, this Phoenix car accident victim could lose all of her own and her child’s rights if she does not act immediately.

If witness reports are true, the municipal vehicle ran a red light. Even if the City of Phoenix admitted fault and that they caused serious harm, the city could escape liability. The law requires people to file a notice of claim within 180 days. The City of Phoenix frequently argues that the notice has unreasonable requirements. Governmental entities often contend that if the proper paperwork is not filed and served within 180 days, rights are lost.

It’s unconscionable that the law allows the government to avoid responsibility in such cases. Injured parties have greater concerns than hiring a personal injury lawyer, and should not be forced to hire one because the law requires excessive action.

If you or anybody you know has been involved in a serious injury car accident with any government employee in Arizona, contact a skilled Arizona auto accident lawyer immediately so your rights are protected and the responsible party cannot dodge a valid claim.

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