Phoenix Dune Buggy Versus Truck Accident Kills Man

Often as car accident attorneys in Arizona, our clients are criticized unjustly for seeking payment for medical bills and lost wages from a reckless person and their insurance company to compensate for an accident that insurance should cover. We recognize that the public’s perception can sometimes lack awareness of abusive insurance companies that refuse to pay a valid claim.

According to a report, a serious accident tragically killed a man in a dune buggy when he was struck by a truck. The collision occurred near 67th Avenue in Union Hills. Reports indicate that the dune buggy was street legal. What is also distressing is that user comments following the article pass judgment towards the innocent victim for the leisure vehicle he chose. This is an important opportunity to educate about Arizona injury cases.

Street legal is an important term here. None of the driver’s actions were clearly irresponsible. His vehicle was allowed on the street. The negligence of another driver killed this man. Yet blame was cast on the driver because he chose a vehicle others wouldn’t choose themselves. This is warped logic and is unfair.

We only hope that with better judgment and more time, the public will come to understand that not everyone makes the same decisions about how to get around. We must respect the choice of others to ride in ways we would not – on motorcycles, bikes, horses, and even dune buggies – while still holding those accountable for their negligent actions that caused a preventable accident.

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