Phoenix Woman’s Car Crushed Due to Driver Negligence

“A little bit of driver negligence has led to serious injuries.”

This quote from Sergeant Tim Mason of the Arizona Department of Public Safety struck me. He was referring to a serious crash in the West Valley. Seven people were hospitalized and a section of Loop 303 was closed. One woman was seriously injured when her blue car was crushed between a truck and an SUV. She was airlifted to St. Joseph’s Hospital. Sources say both the truck and SUV rolled through a stop sign without coming to a complete stop. As a result of this Phoenix auto accident, an innocent woman now faces an unimaginable change in her life.

Sergeant Mason’s quote resonates. We drive every day; automobiles are pivotal to transportation in America. Remembering the importance of safety is vital. Keep seat belts buckled. Come to a complete stop. Observe the speed limit. Consider the people in passing cars because they too can be devastated in one irresponsible moment.

Far too often experienced Arizona car accident lawyers see lives destroyed due to “a little bit of driver negligence.” We see wrongful death cases in which families lose a loved one they depended on, someone to grow old with, because another motorist was briefly careless. Forget for a moment the possibility of lawsuits and personal injury claims and compensation. The guilty driver in such situations must live knowing they’ve caused extreme pain, ballooning medical bills, and the inability to work.

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