Photos Crucial to Jobsite Accident Claims

In a construction accident in Arizona, a photograph may be the difference between prevailing over a devastating injury and facing financial ruin.

Construction accident claims in Arizona aren’t simple. Many hurt in construction accidents seek reimbursement only from workers’ compensation. In plenty of cases, workers’ compensation in Arizona is the only possible recovery. However, workers hurt in construction trades are able and entitled to bring a claim against a third party who negligently caused the injury. Most Arizona construction workers don’t know they may have the right to bring this claim. Since they don’t know their rights, they fail to get photo evidence at the job site.

Construction sites change quickly and evidence can be destroyed or altered within moments. It’s vital to inform anybody who has suffered a jobsite injury that photographs of the site must be taken immediately.

Though OSHA and state labor organizations investigate many serious accidents, serious injuries have been suffered where no such investigation followed or photographs were simply never taken as part of the investigation.

The burden of proof lies with the person who suffered the injury, and lack of evidence decreases the likelihood of a successful case. When photo evidence is slim, every other part of the case must be strong to sufficiently prove the claim. This can be shaky ground.

If you or anybody you know has been injured in a construction accident in Arizona, call us at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. We will provide you with a copy of the personal injury master guide to Arizona claims.

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