Tarp in Roadway Kills Arizona Woman

Tremendous danger is presented when motorists negligently discard trash or loose debris on our freeways. Every year, debris in the roadway causes unnecessary deaths to motorcyclists in Arizona. This reckless act has again claimed an innocent life.

A passenger reportedly died after the motorcycle she was on struck a tarp on Interstate 10 in Chandler, Arizona. The tarp allegedly became entangled in the bike’s rear wheel, though initial reports do not explain where this tarp came from or how it ended up in the roadway.

To the family of the deceased, maybe that makes little difference. On the other hand, we have been retained many times as wrongful death Arizona lawyers to seek justice after such a tragedy.

Perhaps financial considerations seem trivial to those who have never been close to anyone who has lost their life in a motorcycle crash. However, loss of a family’s primary income holds serious consequences for those left behind. Survivors may face bankruptcy and/or need financial assistance.

We won’t know if the tarp was left in the roadway negligently until an investigation is performed. Any action to help determine how this tragedy occurred should be pursued.

Anyone with questions for an experienced personal injury lawyer regarding a motorcycle accident in Arizona is encouraged to call us. Not every accident will merit a lawsuit. Many who have the right to sue choose not to do so. We are willing and able to answer your questions so that surviving family can make the best decision.

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