The Myth of Arizona Independent Medical Examinations

In personal injury cases, Arizona’s Rules of Civil Procedure allow for an independent medical examination (or “IME” ). In spite of the letter of the law, no such thing as an independent medical examination exists. Experienced Arizona personal injury lawyers and insurance defense lawyers both know better. Unfortunately, victims of serious injury must endure these medical examinations because insurance companies are too often deceived by the term “independent.”

After a serious personal injury auto accident, the injured party is going to seek medical care. When an insurance company is asked to pay an Arizona resident’s claim, it’s their right to get an IME. Insurance companies defending personal injury cases deserve the right to a medical opinion beyond that of the plaintiff’s doctor.

By law, this exam is independent, so long as it’s not conducted by the claimant’s physician. But doctors who perform these exams have a vested interest: they’re paid by the insurance company. Some make six figures every single year performing these examinations. If these doctors confirm the injury’s cause to be negligence, will insurance companies continue to pay them so handsomely?

The reality is that insurance companies often knowingly deny claims to injury victims statewide. People who are entitled to insurance compensation are not receiving it. Often, insurance-sponsored examinations are to blame.

If you are asked to see a doctor by an insurance company, we encourage you to first meet with a skilled Phoenix personal injury lawyer. We help prevent insurance company tricks every day. Contact Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today for a case evaluation.

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