U.S. Auto Accidents Attributed Mostly to Driver Negligence

A disturbing statistic was published recently in an article regarding the quantity of people who die as a result of automobile accidents daily. 110 people per day are killed on our roadways. This does not include those who suffer severe and debilitating injuries as a result of auto accidents in Phoenix and other American cities.

Considering that most auto accidents are caused by negligence, what can be done to limit these tragic accidents?

Arizona auto accident lawyers do not just help one individual receive compensation. Even in the case of Phoenix fatal auto accidents, lawyers help families receive not just money or peace of mind, but justice.

More importantly, car accident lawyers help save lives. If drivers understand that their financial interests are at stake when they’re negligent on the roadway, perhaps we can reduce the number of deaths on the highway in 2009.

Those who criticize personal injury attorneys in Arizona and think that car accident lawsuits are a detriment to freedom rather than a characteristic of it should also consider that almost all roadway deaths that occurred could have been stopped if negligent drivers realized the costly consequences of their actions.

We must do everything possible to reduce the amount of negligence and recklessness on our roads. Victims who bring Arizona car accident claims not only benefit themselves, but deter further severe injuries on our highways and streets.

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