Yuma Wrongful Death of Woman: Drunk Driver Sentenced

Recently an Arizona man was sentenced to one year in prison for the September 2008 killing of a Yuma woman in a single-vehicle accident. Reports show the man was legally intoxicated at the scene. His license had been restricted for prior drunk driving arrests.

It is difficult to imagine the extent of tragedy drunk driving creates for innocent victims. Anything that helps prevent this kind of heartbreaking loss must be done. Arizona auto accident attorneys assist injury victims in navigating the legal system and pursuing compensation from the drunk driver. Prosecuting offenders is important, but it’s also essential that everything is done to gain the full compensation allowable for families who have suffered a loss or injury. This not only benefits family members of injured parties, but financial hardship discourages drunk drivers from committing future offenses.

The decision to bring a wrongful death claim is often difficult. Families must investigate legal remedies in order to make the choice that’s in their best interest. Our trial experience has made it clear that for some families, a lawsuit causes more grief than its outcome justifies. Even in that case, Arizona drunk driver accident victim attorneys can answer important questions to aid those who have lost a loved one in a car accident.

As experienced personal injury trial lawyers at Breyer Law Offices, we embrace our role in successfully pursuing defendants on behalf of our clients and assisting those who have lost a loved one in an Arizona wrongful death car accident. Contact us today for more information.

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