26 Injured in School Bus Accident in Phoenix

A Phoenix school bus accident recently made the news nationwide when a bus driver lost control. The driver was taking Western Valley Middle School students home after school. The resulting accident, according to a story, resulted in 13 collisions on 67th Avenue. The driver went unconscious after the first of these.

Accident lawyers in Phoenix who deal with road accidents know how important it is to ensure the victims of this bus crash know their rights. Phoenix, Arizona personal injury lawyers such as ourselves know that far too many of the people involved in this accident will miss the deadline for filing a claim.

There is normally a 180 day deadline to file a Notice of Claim when involved in bus accident in Arizona. Failure to file a proper notice of claim to the right defendant within six months nullifies a person’s ability to pursue a claim for damages.

After this bus accident, 26 of the 45 students in the bus were sent to hospital. As the driver of the bus is an employee of an Arizona school district, and thus protected by a law that requires all injured parties to file a Notice of Claim within six months. The normal statute of limitations in bus accidents is two years, allowing an injured party the opportunity to recover from their injuries before searching for the best Arizona personal injury lawyer they can find. The short window to file for a claim in this accident will almost certainly leave some of those with injuries out in the cold.

The case is complicated even more by the fact that whatever caused the driver to become incapacitated may also be sued, allowing the school district the opportunity to avoid paying the claim. Additionally, the time limitations are different for the adults than for the children on the bus.

We hope that everyone involved in this bus crash will recover fully from their injuries. One bright spot is that none of the children were physically injured. Yet those who were injured in this bus accident deserve to be reimbursed for their medical expenses, for lost wages, and for pain and suffering as well as loss of enjoyment of life. In order to protect their rights, these people need to speak to a Phoenix auto accident lawyer.

We at Breyer Law Offices are proud at how we are able to help our clients recover after a serious accident injury. We speak forthrightly about both the strong points and limitations of their case, providing them with all the information they need to enable personal injury victims to be fully compensated after this or any other Arizona bus accident.

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