Arizona Light Rail Accident

Phoenix car accident attorneys like ourselves are happy to see things that will lower the number of claims involving serious injury and wrongful death in Phoenix, AZ. The light rail line approved by voters between Tempe and Phoenix is potentially one of these things. As local Phoenix lawyers, we know that this is not why people voted to approve the project, but because of our dealings with personal injury and wrongful death suits, we believe strongly that this will be one of its positive though unintended effects.

The lowering of some risks usually raises others, as a recent report of a light rail train accident with a truck in Tempe shows. Though automobile accidents are likely to decline because of light rail, there may be an increased number of light rail train accidents. As experienced Arizona accident lawyers, we foresee these new risks with the light rail system.

There is additionally only a six month window in which a person can file a notice of claim after a light rail accident. This means there is very little time for a victim of a light rail train crash to recover from injuries, hire attorneys, investigate, and file the proper paperwork.

All people involved in a light rail train accident, or any other train wreck, should consult an experienced personal injury lawyer if they have sustained a serious injury. An experienced Arizona attorney who deals with personal injuries can help a person decide whether or not it is in their best interests to file a lawsuit.

As there is such limited time in which to file after a car accident in Arizona, speaking to a knowledgeable lawyer is vital. If the case then goes to trial, qualified trial lawyer is the most important asset a family can have when dealing with the ramifications of a serious accident that is caused by a negligent party.

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