Drivers Need to Be More Bike-Aware to Help Prevent Bicycle Accidents

Recently, the news reported that a teen in Glendale, Arizona got into an accident while riding his bicycle, and suffered a personal injury as a result. As Arizona attorneys that deal with bicycle accidents, we are uncertain who was at fault in this particular Arizona bike accident, but we do know that far too often people who ride on the streets of Arizona suffer serious injuries.

What further complicates claims related to bicycle accidents is the fact that juries, who are inevitably made up mostly of drivers of motor vehicles who may find bike riders on

As per Arizona law, bicycles have as much right to the road as other vehicles. Regardless of this fact, we see accidents that cause serious injuries happening far too often in Phoenix, Arizona. Negligent drivers not paying attention to bicycles is often a factor in these bike accidents. Despite who is at fault, it is nearly always the rider of the bicycle who suffers serious personal injury, while the vehicle driver is usually unharmed. That is why hiring an experienced Phoenix, AZ personal injury lawyer in such cases is so imperative.

Again, we do not know if the driver in this incident was at fault, but it is a clear reminder that riding bikes in Glendale, AZ and throughout Arizona can be very dangerous.

Often, there are more questions than answers when people come to us about injuries that result from bicycle accidents. A personal injury suit is often not recommended. Yet it is difficult to decide which cases have merit without gathering information about the accident. It is almost always advisable that in the event of a serious accident, especially one resulting in injuries, that involves a bicycle, that Arizona personal injury lawyers be called upon, and that they be knowledgeable about bicycle accidents as they pertain to Arizona law.

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