Ease Off the Accelerator: Speeding Causes Accidents

The best personal injury lawyers throughout Phoenix, Arizona are familiar with the tragic situations and terrible injuries that result from people speeding on our roadways. Arizona Revised Statutes ARS 28 701 requires drivers to drive a reasonable and prudent speed. Many times, serious injuries could be avoided if people were not speeding. Other times, people are alleged to have been speeding and caused an accident when it was not really their fault.

Too many people rely solely upon the police report in deciding what rights they believe they have to pursue compensation if there is serious injury and wrongful death case. The reality is that families who have lost someone in a serious accident or people who have suffered tragic injuries should not rely solely upon the citations given by the police officer at the scene of the incident. The police officer is almost never around to witness the car accident in Phoenix. Instead, they’re relying solely upon the information they can gather while at the scene.

Top car accident lawyers do not rest solely upon the on scene investigation of the police in serious injury and wrongful death cases. If you have any questions whatsoever about a case that was alleged to have involved speeding and a serious injury occurred or where the speeding of another driver directly contributed to serious injuries or wrongful death, please feel free to give us a call. We will not just “tell you what you want to hear” but we’ll give you honest assessments and real feedback as to the viability of your claim and whether or not it makes sense to pursue it so that you can make the best decision for yourself or your family in terms of whether to pursue any kind of insurance claim.

Statute source: http://www.azleg.state.az.us/FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/ars/28/00701.htm&Title=28&DocType=ARS

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