Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter Information May Be Sought in Efforts to Deny Your Personal Injury Claim

Nationally recognized Seattle personal injury lawyer Chris Davis posted about a real-life nightmare for one of his clients. It seems that the client posted pictures on Facebook of the client engaging in strenuous physical activity. What is the problem with that? Well, the same client had testified that his serious physical injuries from an accident prevented him from engaging in some activities. This, of course, does not necessarily mean the client lied. What it means, however, is that even the appearance of dishonesty can destroy the credibility of a deserving personal injury plaintiff.

It is also a reminder of the dangers of posting on Facebook anything that could be associated with a lawsuit or legal claim. It is not a surprise to see a top Washington accident lawyer like Chris Davis share this information. He cared enough about his current clients and all personal injury plaintiffs to send out another warning: assume everything you post on Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter will end up in the hands of the insurance company or defense lawyer that is trying to deny your claim.

Innocent victims of serious personal injury car accidents and claims need to always be aware that the other side will not only make every effort to cast doubt on the injured person’s honesty, but will twist and turn the truth to give any possible appearance of dishonesty. Far too often, people think if they just “tell the truth” they have nothing to worry about. The reality is that telling the truth is required, but sharing any information with someone that is willing to take things out of context and use them against you is a terrible decision.

For more information regarding how photos or posts on social networking sites can influence your personal injury claim, read Chris Davis’s report: http://www.submityourarticle.com/articles/Christopher-Davis-2363/settlement-devalued-64817.php.

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