Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Arizona Are Far From Perfect

Many articles discuss safety issues such as the need to wear motorcycle helmets for safety reasons. The fact is that Arizona motorcycle helmet laws are surprisingly confusing, and for a motorcycle rider injured in Arizona who fails to wear a helmet, this failure will be used against them.

Most people agree motorcycle helmets increase safety, yet even the staunchest advocate knows that a motorcyclist can still be severely injured or killed while wearing a helmet in an Arizona motorcycle accident. According to the law, motorcycle riders in Arizona are allowed not to wear helmets. While they may not be fined for not wearing a helmet, however, someone who negligently injures a motorcycle rider, causing severe head trauma, can then claim that the injury was related to their failure to wear a helmet rather than their own negligence. In this way, an injured motorcyclist can lose their claim to legal compensation even though they broke no law.

We should end the double standard that exists about motorcycle helmet laws in Arizona. Either helmets should be required or they should not be. Motorcycle riders should not be punished when there is no law requiring them to wear helmets. With seatbelts, for example, an injured party who was not wearing a seatbelt in Arizona can also be denied a personal injury claim. But in this case, Arizona has strict laws against not wearing a seatbelt. As honest motorcycle accident lawyers in Phoenix that take cases throughout Arizona, we believe that this inconsistency in the law needs addressing.

Because of this double standard, however, it takes an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Arizona to determine whether a serious injury in a motorcycle accident could have been prevented with the use of a helmet. At Breyer Law Offices, P.C, we are happy to answer questions regarding motorcycle accidents, or other incidents where a personal injury is involved. We can also provide you with the master guide to Arizona injury claims, which will answer many of your questions and help you decide whether to pursue and Arizona personal injury claim.

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