Tucson Police Chase Turns Fatal

As personal injury lawyers in Arizona having handled police conduct cases, we often criticize policies that individual officers are forced to abide by. Most police officers do the best they can while putting their lives on the line for the public, but certain police procedures we question. With a lot of the misconduct cases, it is due to rogue police officers and the misconduct of individual officers, sometimes it is the policy of the police department that needs to be questioned.

We have seen a number of innocent people killed in unnecessary high-speed chases. It is the policy of many police departments to allow police to chase at high speeds even if the person is not a danger to anybody else.

A recently reported Arizona sentencing that involved wrongful death, however, is an example of a high speed chase that was probably necessary. In this circumstance, a firearm had been identified, and the police pursued what was thought to be someone who was immediately dangerous to innocent bystanders in Tucson, Arizona. A passenger in the pursued vehicles was killed and the driver sentenced to more than 14 years.

This high-speed chase was an exception to what should be the rule. It involved a firearm and armed road rage, which increased the risk to residents of Tucson, Arizona, and thus more understandably required a high-speed police chase. As veteran attorneys that deal with automobile accidents in Arizona, we ask that officers be offered more discretion to ensure that high speed chases generally be banned, unless the public is in imminent danger.

We know that any case against a police officer will be difficult. As Arizona attorneys who have helped people due to misconduct by the police, we know that some who claim there has been abuse by the police actually have no case. We also know that the legitimacy of a claim cannot be determined without investigation, whether it be in Tucson, Phoenix, or elsewhere in Arizona. In our opinion as Phoenix, AZ lawyers, an equal number of people who think they have a case do not, as those who do not think they have a case yet do. It is important for our society that we identify and remove corrupt officers.

We can answer questions about the possibility of misconduct or abuse by police. As experienced Phoenix wrongful death lawyers we will give an honest assessment about whether or not a claim exists, and if there was police misconduct. Beyond that, there are still tough decisions to be made to determine how worthwhile it is to pursue a claim.

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