Understanding Arizona Insurance Bad Faith and What You Can Do

Many Arizona auto accident lawyers like us spend a large portion of their time battling insurance companies to provide for seriously injured clients compensation to which they are legally entitled. We regularly see insurance companies deny fair claims to deserving injured parties.

Now, insurance is a business, and insurance companies are trying to make a profit. We understand this, but this is no excuse for them to abuse their authority in such matters. Too often we see insurance companies not only deny legitimate claims but also challenge issues that are clearly not debatable.

A number of seriously injured people blame another party for their injuries. They are sometimes correct, but other times there is an issue as to who was negligent in an automobile accident. Having the best personal injury lawyers in Arizona on your side will help those with legitimate claims get the settlement they deserve.

In a case where both the injured party as well as impartial witnesses state that an insured driver ran a red light, it is simply unacceptable that the insurance company would force a person to file a lawsuit. These sort of unfortunate events occur so that the insurance company can deny or delay payment.

Arizona insurance company bad faith is common, and is a type of insurance abuse not limited to Phoenix, AZ and its environs.

At Breyer Law Offices, P.C., our skilled personal injury attorneys can help you if you or someone you know feels an insurance company is denying a fair claim without just cause. We will provide you with the answers you need and inform you of your options, including whether a claim should be made and of what type. Contact our personal injury firm today for more information.

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