Woman Killed in Head-On Crash with Tour Bus

A woman from Van Nuys, California was reported killed in a tragic head-on collision with a tour bus on State Highway 74 east of Wickenburg, Arizona. Although we do not know for sure from the limited report available, the woman may have driven her car into the path of the bus in an effort to avoid hitting an animal. Whatever actually happened, it certainly cannot undo the tragedy of this horrible wrongful death in Arizona. Also, we do not know, from the limited report available, whether or not the woman was in fact trying to avoid a vehicle and if so, what vehicle.

It has been surmised that the most likely scenario is that she attempted avoiding an animal on the road when she steered into the path of the bus. Even so, because of the limited information available, it is possible that she may have been attempting to avoid a vehicle instead, leading to this wrongful death on our Arizona Highways.

The probability that it was an animal raises questions that personal injury lawyers in Arizona have seen before. As experienced Arizona bus accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys, we see how livestock owners failing to properly fence animals to keep them from roaming onto roads can cause accidents such as this. We do not know whether negligence was the case in this incident, but the possibility that it did is enough to consult a lawyer who is knowledgeable about wrongful death claims in this case.

Breyer Law Offices can help in most such cases that are due to the negligence of others. The decision to make a wrongful death claim in Arizona is not easy, even when the wrongful death resulted from someone else’s negligence. The decisions that must be made by a family that is considering a wrongful death claim in this case go beyond whether the wrongful death occurred due to wandering livestock or a negligent driver.

Not every claim needs to be brought to court, nor should it. In this case, the family must decide whether it is the correct decision to pursue a claim for wrongful death. It is important in such cases that they seek the advice of a sympathetic and experienced personal injury lawyer who can give them honest answers.

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