A Personal Injury Case’s Worth

Many residents of Chandler, Arizona think that the best personal injury attorneys in Arizona just refuse to answer this simple question that anyone considering a personal injury claim wants to know. The reality is that this is not really a simple question that can be easily answered. The value of any Arizona personal injury case depends on what an Arizona jury might do with the case. Most cases, however, do not go to trial. In most cases, seriously injured people will make an insurance claim and this claim will be settled before the case ever goes before a jury. Despite this, a personal injury claim is settled by what a jury is likely to do. Simply put, if an Arizona jury would likely grant a million dollars in the personal injury claim, that claim has a fair settlement value of one million dollars. And if a jury would like grant one hundred dollars, it has a fair settlement value of one hundred dollars.

Juries will consider a number of various factors about what a fair and reasonable verdict would be in any given personal injury lawsuit. The severity of the injury is not the only element that juries consider, though this is certainly a significant factor. The medical expenses count as well, though this is only a part of the equation. It is not even about lost income from missed work, pain and suffering, or loss of enjoyment of life. Rather, it is all of these factors that a jury must keep in mind. An experienced Arizona car accident lawyer will need to consider any case very seriously before being able to offer an honest and full assessment of the settlement value of the claim.

If you are wondering for how much your personal injury claim should be settled or what the value is of your personal injury claim, we invite you to contact us today. We will give you an honest assessment about how much your serious car accident claim may be worth, after a rigorous review of its merits. In that way, you will receive the information and guidance that you need to decide how to proceed with your claim.

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