Auto Insurance 101: Categories

Insurance coverage and laws are complicated – and trying to explain it all would fill many volumes. To make things a little easier for you, though, we’ve broken down and explained the most typical types of insurance coverage categories below.

Insurance Categories
When a person who is injured in an automobile accident seeks assistance from an attorney, one of the very first things a skilled legal professional will do is investigate all possible insurance coverage that is applicable. The two categories of auto insurance that are examined include:

  1. First party coverage
  2. Third party coverage

First party coverage protects you and your property. For instance, it covers medical expenses if you are injured, it pays for damages to your vehicle, and it pays for your defense in the event you are sued as a result of a car accident.

Third party coverage pays for injuries caused to other people, whether they are in your vehicle or in another vehicle. Details of this category of coverage are explained in your insurance policy.

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