Bicycle Accident Laws in Arizona

Far too often people who are following the laws of the road while riding their bicycle are tragically killed or seriously injured by cars that are simply not paying attention. There are many Arizona laws that govern this situation directly. Sometimes, we have seen where they have been completely misapplied and used against the bicyclist who was following the law and doing what they were supposed to do.

Far too often we have seen drivers too quick to blame the bicyclist who was seriously injured or killed when the blame should have fallen on the person driving the vehicle. Arizona Revised Statutes ARS 28 811, ARS 28 812, ARS 28 813 and ARS 28 817 are all vital Arizona statutes that relate to bicycle safety and accidents.

Just because a case can exist in theory does not mean that it needs to be brought. This is a tough decision that every family must make and they have the right to get honest answers from the best lawyer that they can find and that will fit them and their case so that they can decide how to proceed after a terrible car and bicycle collision.

If you need advice from an honest and experienced Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer and you need to talk to someone who has experience as a trial lawyer in the State of Arizona, feel free to contact our office. We will not try to give you a “sales job” and tell you that you must bring a case. We are happy to give you honest answers so that you can make a decision whether you even want to bring any type of insurance claim or case whatsoever.

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