How is it that Arizona Police are Denied Justice?

There exists an archaic law known as the firefighter’s rule. This rule has been written out of the law in many states throughout the country. Unfortunately, this is not so with Arizona. Arizona’s legal system punishes its police officers and firefighters with unjust laws like the firefighter’s rule. The firefighter’s rule prevents police officers (or their families) from bringing a lawsuit against a person who through their negligent actions seriously injured or killed the officer while in the line of duty. This is even the case when the negligent party directly causes injury or death to a police officer or firefighter.

People like firefighters or police officers who put their lives on the line have a right to hold others whose negligent actions cause them harm accountable. At Breyer Law Offices, we have had the honor to represent a number of brave police officers. We have had to overcome efforts to dismiss their cases because of outdated legislation akin to the firefighter’s rule. We feel it is incredibly important to ensure that full and fair compensation is not denied to those who put their lives on the line for the people of Arizona each and every day. Police officers and firefighters deserve the chance to receive compensation for injuries caused while on the job.

Please call us if you have any questions about a case involving the serious injury or death of a loved one who was on the job as a firefighter or police officer. There is far too much disinformation about the law when it comes to police officers and firefighters who were hurt on the job. Many of these brave public servants and their families think that they have no right to file an insurance claim or lawsuit outside of what is available through workers’ compensation. There are times when this may be correct, but there are other cases in which a top Arizona injury attorney can overcome this unfair and unjust law.

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