Motorists Not Paying Attention Put Pedestrians at Risk

Too many times, people who are just walking along on our sidewalks or crossing our streets are injured severely just because someone driving a car was not paying attention. Arizona Revised Statutes ARS 28 791 and ARS 28 792 both deal with pedestrians in a crosswalk. Those who cross a street somewhere other than a crosswalk are discussed in Arizona Revised Statute ARS 28 793. It should be noted, however, that Arizona Revised Statute ARS 28 794 requires drivers of motor vehicles to exercise due care.

Too often a pedestrian that is injured seriously needs to overcome an initial reaction that blames the person who was walking, even in cases where the driver of the vehicle may have been negligent.

As a seriously injured accident victim in Mesa must first prove his or her personal injury case, it is often a vital first step to find a top injury lawyer in the greater Phoenix metro. An experienced Mesa car accident attorney can help a pedestrian injured by a vehicle decide on the best course of action for a claim.

If you or someone you know was injured seriously or if a family member was killed while simply walking along a street and you think that you may have a viable legal claim, it is best not to guess. A knowledgeable and experienced accident attorney will answer your questions and point you in the correct direction. At Breyer Law, we will answer your questions honestly without asking for one penny. We will tell you upfront whether there is a case and whether we believe that it is worth pursuing it. In this way, you can make the best possible decision for you and your family.

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