Information and Advice to Make Personal Injury Victims the Ultimate Decision Makers

Too often when we speak with people many years after they’ve pursued a personal injury case with another lawyer, they tell us that they feel they were forced, literally or figuratively, but always with lasting effect, to settle a case they did not want to settle.

Though it is hard to believe, some people don’t feel involved in the case they’re bringing, and feel slightly detached when the result is announced. We have heard heartbreaking stories of people who feel they had no say in the settlement of their case. Their horror stories reveal how they were simply told by the lawyer they hired that their case had settled. The amount of the settlement was tossed off like an unimportant trifle. Not only is this unethical and cold, but it goes against the very spirit of the way a serious injury or wrongful death case should be handled. For that matter, it’s insensitive. It doesn’t improve the image that legal professionals have a responsibility to uphold.

We strongly believe our job is to provide information and advice. When it comes to the important choices that must be made in a case – the important personal decisions that are in the hands of the client and the client only – we wouldn’t consider telling our clients what to do. Instead, we provide sound advice based upon knowledge and experience as skilled Phoenix personal injury attorneys so clients can make an informed decision about their case’s future. And in addition to providing our clients with respectful advice, we also let them know how ardently we feel about it. If, based on our extensive study and experience, we feel strongly that one possible decision that is absolutely the right one; our clients can trust us to be plain—even if it’s not a popular choice. If we think there is a decision facing our client that may end unfavorably for the client, we won’t omit that information either. An honest answer is the standard for us.

Of course, our advice always has a sound legal basis, or a basis in our trial experience. How passionately we feel in a given situation is always tempered by two factors: the most likely consequence we anticipate based on rulings we’ve seen in the past, and the information we’ve relied upon directly to come to the conclusion we’re advising. The reality is that we have proven that we consistently provide sound legal advice, but our clients are always in the best position to decide what is best in the circumstance. At Breyer Law Offices, P.C. though we can give reliable legal advice, the client must contemplate that advice through the prism of their personal needs. No two cases, or clients, are the same.

To try to tell a client what to do without supplying the information that informs your professional opinion does not allow the client time for the questions they need to ask to make the best decision for themselves. When our clients retain us, they know their case will end in a satisfactory result because they can steer their case with our outstanding advice, not because they were coerced into it.

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