Settling an Arizona Personal Injury Case

Car accident lawyers in Arizona settle claims for personal injuries frequently. Even the best Arizona injury attorneys do not settle a claim by making only one phone call. The perception by some that a personal injury case can just be settled over the phone with an insurance company or insurance adjuster conflicts with the realities and complexities of even the simplest of Arizona injury claims. Car accident cases are usually only settled after painstaking and methodical development of every element of the claim by diligent injury lawyers and their legal teams.

Now, there may be some accident lawyers who will try to settle the case with a single phone call, but this almost always means that they are not getting the full compensation that their clients deserve. Personal injury cases are only settled once, and an injury victim does not get a second chance if he or she has accepted a settlement. It is actually a great disservice for an injury attorney to settle a case for less than the full value of the claim. The injured person often has to deal with serious injuries that change all aspects of that person’s life.

That said, it is certainly possible to work with the insurance companies of those who caused an injury in order to settle the case right away, but in some cases it may take actually filing a lawsuit and moving the case forward in order for the insurance company to agree to settle. In other personal injury cases, a settlement only comes right before a trial is to begin. When the defense does not agree to settle the claim and it goes to trial, that is when an injured person ought to have a top Arizona trial lawyer to ensure that justice is done.

At Breyer Law, our personal injury trial lawyers do everything they can to help Arizona injury claimants receive the justice they deserve. If you have been seriously injured in a car accident or other accident that was not your fault in Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, or elsewhere in Arizona please do not hesitate. Contact us today.

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