A Team Approach is Necessary to a Successful Personal Injury Case

Car accident claims in Maricopa County can be complicated and time consuming. Most individuals pusuing a personal injury case will find that a team approach will deliver the best results when it comes to litigation.

If you’ve shopped around for personal injury attorneys in Maricopa County, you may have come to realize that some handle every aspect of a single case. This may seem like a good, one-stop-shop kind of solution, but looks can be deceiving.

It is important for attorneys to focus on what they do best – which should include conducting complicated legal analysis, formulating strong arguments, doing legal research, coordinating the entire team, and litigating – tasks only a trained lawyer can handle. It is also critical for other tasks to then be delegated to other people in the particular law office. Otherwise, a lawyer will get bogged down in the minutia of a case, unable to see the big picture. They won’t return phone calls in a timely manner, won’t be able to immediately answer questions, and won’t deliver the best results for someone who has been seriously injured due to the negligence of another person.

On the flip side, there are some Mesa personal injury attorneys who take a “hands off” approach to dealing with cases. In these instances, the law firm’s office staff, which may not be properly trained, handles the case from start to finish. We’ve spoken to people involved in personal injury cases who have never even talked to their attorney throughout the entire case. In fact, some say they’ve never even met or seen the lawyer, nor did they know whether or not an actual personal injury lawyer had looked at their case. This is not a team approach. It’s handing over the responsibility of a personal injury case to people who may not be trained to handle these kinds of cases. Obviously, this is not a good approach to take if you want to win your case.

Here at Breyer Law Offices, we take the middle of the road approach – the team approach – to handling personal injury cases. Each person on our staff is assigned tasks that they are most qualified to perform. That means that the lawyers do the actual legal work, while trained paralegals help process the case, and the support staff ensure that the lawyers and paralegals have what they need to best handle the case. In a hospital, you wouldn’t have a neurosurgeon cooking in the hospital cafeteria; nor would you have maintenance man taking a patient’s blood pressure. It’s the same in the courtroom. That’s why each person’s experience and expertise is used to the best possible advantage.

Starting at the top is the husband-and-wife team of Mark and Alexis Breyer. Mark is a certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death litigation in Arizona. The State Bar has certified less than 2% of all Arizona personal injury lawyers as specialists in injury and wrongful death litigation. Both Mark and Alexis are responsible for handling the most critical legal tasks and also ensuring that the law offices have the best staff possible in place. Together, they have represented well over 1,000 accident victims, making sure that each case is handled expertly. In addition to Mark and Alexis, our firm also boasts a team of lawyers and paralegals who work together seamlessly on every aspect of our personal injury cases.

The results speak for themselves. Breyer Law Offices has a huge number of clients satisfied with the outcomes we’ve delivered. If you’d like to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case, please contact our offices at 480-753-4534.

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