How Can Whether I Wear a Seatbelt or Not Impact My Personal Injury Case?

First, if you are injured in a car accident in Arizona with a negligent driver, wearing your seatbelt will help you to receive full compensation for your injuries. Think of it this way. If you’re not wearing a seatbelt, even if the negligent driver admits 100% that the accident was their fault and that they are responsible for your injuries, your compensation can be greatly reduced – or completely eliminated – if it’s proven that you were not wearing your seatbelt and that your injuries would be lessened or diminished if you had worn your seatbelt.

That means that even though the negligent driver admits that they were at fault, they or their insurance companies do not have to pay you for medical bills, lost wages, and other related expenses, simply because you weren’t wearing your seatbelt.

Second, if you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, then you know that your medical bills add up quickly and can be financially devastating. In fact, it’s reported that more than half of the bankruptcies in the U.S. are the result of medical bills. So when considering whether to wear a seatbelt, even if your own health isn’t that important, think about the impact that injuries and medical bills could have on your bank account and your family’s lives.

By not wearing a seatbelt, you are more likely to incur medical bills that will not be compensated for by the negligent driver or their insurance company – and this could drive you into bankruptcy.

To ensure that you receive the compensation from the negligent motorist or motorists responsible for causing the injuries you suffered in an auto accident, it may be in your best interest to contact an experienced Arizona auto accident attorney. Call Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today for a free consultation.

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