Defective Heater Causes Child to Suffer Serious Burn Injuries

Severe injuries to a child. An allegation and evidence of a dangerous, defective product. How will this get resolved? Fortunately, through our jury system. I recently read about this tragic case where Trevor Dennis, a minor, suffered severe burns due to an alleged defective heater. The defendant, Coleman Company, has thus far refused to accept responsibility or settle the case. To some, this may sound like a story destined for injustice. However, perhaps those people do not realize the strength of our civil justice system: the jury. Nationally renowned law firm Bisnar Chase is handling the matter for the plaintiffs, so we know the plaintiffs are going to get a fair shot at justice. Without prejudging the case – it is the job of the jury to decide the facts of what happened and come to a final conclusion – I think it is fair to say that many defendants that have wrongfully denied justice have had to answer to the jury.

This, then, is not a final judgment of what occurred, but a great testament to the fact that everybody – from the young child to the international corporation – all can, for a day, sit on the same playing field, having to answer to the same jury. Justice can be delayed, but it should not be denied. We look forward to awaiting the outcome of the jury trial and hope that justice is done: whatever the jury deems that to be.

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