Finding the Best Phoenix Metropolitan Area Car Accident Attorney

There are so many lawyers in this sunny valley that it can be overwhelming for someone who has just lost a loved one or who have themselves been seriously injured in a horrible car accident in the Phoenix metro. Choosing the best Phoenix car accident lawyer or finding a top personal injury attorney can be a seemingly insurmountable task when there are so many lawyers and law firms advertising on television, on the Internet, and through other media. A true expert in personal injury law can be difficult to find. It is important to not only find a specialist in Arizona personal injury and wrongful death litigation, but also to find a lawyer who will communicate throughout the process of a personal injury claim. This can indeed be challenging.

We suggest first of all looking to the Internet to investigate the websites of a number of different lawyers. Look at what information they provide. Consider whether they actually provide valuable information that you could use, and then consider if their site merely offers a continuation of their Yellow Pages advertisement or if it echoes the statements made by other law firms. Another thing to look at is whether the lawyer or law firm truly has the expertise and whether they specialize in personal injury law. It is important to know if they have a lawyer that is a certified specialist by the Arizona State Bar. Less than two percent of all lawyers in Arizona hold a specialty in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Some lawyers are merely attempting to pick up a car accident case on the side, and may never have taken a personal injury claim to trial. Testimonials by satisfied clients are also important, and can show how highly their clients regard them as lawyers.

Once you have looked at a website, it is important to then actually speak to the person you feel would be the best possible car accident lawyer for your claim. Even the best personal injury attorney in the whole state of Arizona may not be the best one for you. At Breyer Law, we take great pride in our work we do for our clients, but we also understand that not every client will be a good fit for us and that as injury lawyers we may not be a good fit for them. We are extremely selective in the cases we accept and only take on those for which we feel capable of successfully collecting compensation for the damages caused to our clients. Not only do we have to feel that there is a good chance of success, but we want to develop an excellent rapport with our clients throughout the course of any personal injury case. Attorney/client relationships are important in any car accident case.

We invite you to call us with any questions you may have about finding the best attorney for your personal injury claim.

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