Can You Tell Me How Much My Glendale Car Accident Case is Worth?

As Glendale car accident attorneys, we understand that you’d like to know right away how much your personal injury claim is worth. However, there is no quick answer when it comes to determining the amount of a claim. Each case is so different that we really need to take the time to review, analyze, and investigate the car accident and your personal injury claim in order to come up with an accurate amount – and even then a jury or insurance company may not award that exact amount.

In Glendale and Maricopa County, car accident lawsuits conclude in one of two ways. They can be settled through negotiations with lawyers and the insurance company. By far, this is the most common ending to a personal injury case. However, if a case is unable to be settled out of court, then it will go to trial and be tried in front of a judge and jury. If the case is successful, then it is up to the jury to decide the amount of financial compensation that will be awarded.

So while so many victims of Glendale car accidents get caught up with how much their case might be worth, the real question they should be asking is how much is a jury likely to award? Even if a case doesn’t go in front of a jury, the opposing council will likely also have a good idea of what a jury would be willing to award in your case, which will help determine a fair settlement amount. According to Arizona law, victims of car accidents caused by negligent drivers that result in injuries are entitled to receive compensation for their injuries and for things like medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

As a result, trying to determine a case’s worth at a quick glance is really nearly impossible. There are too many factors that must be considered, examined, and analyzed. One of the major factors is the extent of the injury, or how badly you were injured. Under Arizona law, if you are severely injured, say for instance you suffer brain trauma, and can no longer work, then that’s going to greatly impact the amount you’ll be awarded. The more seriously you’re injured, the more care you need, and the more it negatively impacts your life, the more compensation you’ll be awarded.

Obviously, when you’re first injured, you might not even know how much care and medical treatment you’ll need. You may still be undergoing treatment and your future may be uncertain as to whether or not you’ll be able to return to work anytime soon. So how then, as car accident attorneys, are we supposed to determine the worth of your case at a glance without knowing these critical elements first? The obvious answer is that we cannot. Some lawyers will tell you they can ballpark an estimate, but we don’t think this is a good approach to take because it’s simply guesswork and may be very inaccurate.

But, once we’ve had time to review your case and talk to experts who can tell us how much more medical care you’ll need and when – if ever – you can return to work, then we’ll be able to give you some honest answers about how much we think your case is worth. Any other approach then a careful, meticulous one is only going to shortchange you in the long run. If you’d like to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the specifics your Glendale car accident case, please contact our offices at 480-753-4534.

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