How do Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure Impact Mesa Car Accident Cases?

The laws and rules of a court as they relate to Mesa personal injury cases have a huge impact on the processes and procedures that should be followed after an accident. Clearly, in the case of an auto accident in Mesa that results in serious injuries to the victim, medical care and treatment is the very first priority. Likewise, in a car accident case that results in a wrongful death, there are obviously going to be bigger concerns initially than what it going to happen from a legal standpoint. However, what does happen if the case results in a lawsuit is largely governed by the Arizona Rule of Civil Procedure.

The Arizona Rule of Civil Procedure impacts every aspect of a case, including:

  • How the complaint must be filed
  • How the complaint must be served
  • Whom the complain must be served to
  • What kind of information the insurance company and the defendant are required to provide
  • What kind of information the plaintiff and his or her attorney must provide to the defense

Sound complicated? Well, it is. That’s why if you’re the victim of a negligent driver and you’re seriously injured, it’s critical that you hire an experienced Mesa personal injury lawyer. You need someone with a solid understanding of the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure who is also willing to take your claim to court. Contact Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today for a free consultation of your Mesa injury case.

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