If I Settle My Car Accident Case, Can I Get Money Later for Future Lost Wages or Medical Bills? (Part One)

The answer to whether or not an injured individual can receive compensation after settling a Glendale car accident case is, probably not. Most cases don’t allow you to go back and re-negotiate the terms of the settlement, even if you have incurred additional medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to your car accident.

You might think this is unfair. But really it’s not if you think about it. It’s the insurance company’s obligation to protect the people that they insure. So if one of their customers causes a car accident that results in serious injuries to you, the customer is not going to want to get sued twice. They expect their insurance company to take care of the claim and pay out fair compensation the first time around so they don’t owe any money in the future.

Consider it the other way around. If you caused an accident that resulted in someone getting seriously injured, how would you feel if the injured victim could sue you repeatedly? Not very much. Rather, you’d expect your insurance company – the one you pay premiums to every month for just such protection – to negotiate a fair settlement so that you don’t owe any money.

If the insurance company paid the person you hurt and left the door open for you to get sued again, that insurance company would probably go out of business pretty quickly. You’d also have a valid disagreement with your insurance company because your insurance company would be acting in “bad faith.” This could even open them up to serious liability.

To learn more about this topic, please read our next blog post, which will continue the discussion of what a person can do after they’ve been injured by a negligent motorist and wish to seek compensation for future lost wages or medical bills.

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