If I Settle My Car Accident Case, Can I Get Money Later for Future Lost Wages or Medical Bills? (Part Two)

To follow-up our last blog post, we will continue our discussion regarding the options an injured victim has when it comes to insurance claims and seeking compensation from negligent parties responsible for the accident. It is important to know that if you are the person who was injured in an auto accident, then the insurance company will probably want you to sign a release before they pay out the compensation. Such a release usually states that you will not receive any more money in the future for additional expenses incurred, which is fine if you hire a savvy Glendale accident attorney in the first place, one who can help you negotiate a fair settlement that includes compensation for future costs. But if you didn’t hire an experienced car accident attorney in Glendale – one who knows how to negotiate fair settlements – then you might be out of luck if you’re racking up additional expenses that you didn’t receive compensation for.

One of the issues in these kinds of settlements is the fact that if you are injured, you usually have to undergo prolonged medical treatment for an undetermined amount of time. In addition, at this point in time, it may not be certain yet when you can return to work – if at all. Therefore, before settling, it’s critical to take these kinds of factors into account to ensure you receive compensation for your current lost wages and medical bills, but also for any future expenses incurred.

Making sure that you get a fair deal and that your rights are protected requires the work of a skilled Glendale car accident attorney. Here at Breyer Law Offices, we can help you determine how much compensation is fair by working with expert witnesses to determine things like whether or not you’ll be able to go back to work and the likelihood that you’ll need future medical treatment. To schedule a free, no obligation consultation, please call us today at 602-978-6400 to schedule a free case review or visit our main website at www.BreyerLaw.com for more information.

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