How a Negligent Driver’s Auto Insurance Can Help Pay for Medical Bills After a Glendale Car Accident

Aside from using your own health insurance to help pay for medical expenses after an auto accident, an injury victim may seek compensation from the negligent driver’s car insurance.

The at fault driver doesn’t usually pay for your medical bills directly. Instead, their insurance company is the one who actually writes the check and pays for part or all of your medical bills. This works out well for the injured victim because insurance companies typically pay out far more than an individual person would be able to pay. Also, car insurance allows the negligent party to get on with their life after the accident without going bankrupt in order to pay for the damages they caused you.

However, if that person’s insurance company doesn’t cover the full amount of compensation they owe, then under the law, you do have the right to pursue more compensation directly from the at fault person.

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