Injured in a Motorcycle or Bike Accident in Glendale by a Driver Who Failed to Look Left Before Turning?

As Glendale car accident attorneys, we’ve seen certain kinds of accident over and over again. One of the common types of accidents we’ve seen is when a car turns left in front of a bike or motorcycle – essentially cutting the rider off and causing an accident.

We’ve even seen documentation that Harley Davidson gives out in their owners’ manual about this kind of accident and how often it occurs. The manual states that this type of accident is extremely common among motorcycle riders because the drivers of cars aren’t usually on the lookout for motorcyclists. For whatever reason, many drivers seem to forget that they share the road with other types of vehicles besides cars and trucks – and these include motorcycles and bikes.

Unfortunately, when these motorcycle or bike accidents do occur, the driver of the car mounts a predictable defense. They usually say that the motorcyclist or bicycle rider came out of nowhere or wasn’t paying enough attention. The driver of the car will try to blame the injured victim because, many times, in their mind motorcyclists and bike riders don’t deserve to have as much access to roadways as drivers of cars and trucks.

If you’ve been badly injured in an accident and you have questions, call the attorneys at Breyer Law Offices. We are experienced with both bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents and know how to develop strong personal injury cases. We also work hard to ensure that the at fault driver is held accountable for the accident and the injuries they caused. Call us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case.

For more information regarding filing a personal injury claim if you are a motorcyclist or a bicyclist who has been injured by a motorist who failed to look left before turning, please refer to tomorrow’s post.

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