Seatbelt Laws in Arizona Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

Seatbelt laws are pretty plain and simple to the vast majority of people. Most individuals know that they are required by Arizona state law to wear a seatbelt while they are driving. They know that driving without a seatbelt can result in getting a ticket, or worse, if they’re involved in a serious accident, it could result in a serious injury or even death. But besides causing possible bodily harm, not wearing a seatbelt can have a seriously negative impact on your personal injury claim – even if the negligent driver was completely at fault in the accident.

First of all, you should always wear your seatbelt. And not just because it’s the law, but also because it could save your life. We’ve heard people tell us stories about friends or relatives who were involved in a car accident, didn’t have a seatbelt on and swear that that’s the reason their life was spared. But in many of these cases, it’s a doctor in a hospital or a mechanic in a body shop that tells the car accident victim this information. While those people might be experts in their respective fields, they are not experts in accident reconstruction and nor should they tell an accident victim with certainty that not wearing a seatbelt saved their life. In order to determine whether this is truly the case, you need to rely on the expertise of a trained accident reconstructionist.

However, we know that there are some rare cases out there where people were actually hurt worse because they had a seatbelt on. But these cases are really few and far between. While seatbelts don’t save lives in every single accident, the fact of the matter is that they do save lives each and every day throughout Arizona and the United States. So to not wear one is unwise.

Some people do argue that whether or not to wear a seatbelt is really a personal choice. That’s it’s up to each individual to make a decision as to if they want to wear a seatbelt or not and it’s their right to take the risk that they will be injured more severely should they be involved in a crash. But as Glendale car accident attorneys, we’ve seen so many injured victims and families who say they wished they’d just been wearing a seatbelt. The bottom line is that seatbelts save lives far more often then not.

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