Should I Settle My Glendale Car Accident?

In Glendale, and throughout Arizona, there are many personal injury lawyers who boast about the fact that they settle most of the personal injury cases they take. Since most injured victims and their families don’t want to deal with a lengthy trial, settling a case is actually the most appealing – and the most common – conclusion to personal injury claims in Glendale. Despite what the general public may think, these injured victims aren’t out to get some huge settlement or to hit the jackpot. Instead, they just want to receive fair compensation for the injuries they endured and the medical bills and pain and suffering that resulted from the accident.

However, while settling a personal injury case is the most frequent conclusion, it’s also important for you to know that you can take a case to trial. That’s why you must hire a car accident attorney in Glendale who is willing to fight for you in the court of law. So our advice to you is be careful of lawyers who only settle cases and aren’t willing to take them to court.

In fact, if you hire an attorney who isn’t willing to take a case to court, it will actually be a strike against you. The insurance industry is complex and sophisticated. Many of the people from these companies who participate in settlement negotiations know which attorneys are willing to take a case to trial and which attorneys aren’t. If they know you hired an attorney who will never take the case to trial, then they’ll try to low-ball your claim. They have absolutely no incentive to make a fair offer to you. Attorneys who only settle develop a reputation for doing so and consistently get lower settlements for clients than those who are willing to take car accident claims to court.

So again, it’s critically important to find and retain a skilled Glendale car accident lawyer who will go to trial for you and fight for your right to receive fair compensation. An attorney who has experience representing clients in front of a judge and jury – and has a successful track record of doing so – isn’t afraid to do it again.

The personal injury attorneys at Breyer Law Offices are proud of the fact that we have a solid track record in negotiating successful settlements as well as in taking car accident claims to court. When it comes right down to it, the decision whether or not to settle or go to court ultimately rests with you. That said, we always encourage people to think about taking a case to trial if the insurance company isn’t being fair about the amount they are willing to settle for. But again, the final decision rests with you. We can only offer you information, advice, and guidance as to what we think you should do.

So if you’ve been badly injured in a car accident in Glendale – or somewhere else in Arizona – then please call the personal injury attorneys at Breyer Law Offices. We can help answer your questions as to whether or not you should settle your case. We offer free, no obligation case reviews and if we do take your case, we will do so on a contingent basis – meaning we don’t get paid unless we win your case.

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