The Laws of Turning Left in Arizona

Though many believe highways are our most dangerous roads, a huge contingent of car accidents in Arizona happen at intersections. Of course, highway drivers reach much greater speeds than drivers on surface streets.

Deaths and serious car accidents in Arizona occur on highways due to high speed limits and cars traveling too fast. But a vast number of serious accidents and injuries take place at reduced speeds, too. And potentially deadly accidents take place when one motorist is heading straight while another other is making a left-hand turn.

The news is filled with offenders who run red lights and cause car accidents in Arizona. There’s not a lot of talk about people who are struck while turning left, though it happens with comparable frequency. As Arizona car accident lawyers, we have handled numerous cases that hinge on Arizona law’s position on the specific points of making a left turn. According to Arizona Revised Statute 28-772, a motorist turning left at an intersection must yield to oncoming traffic when that traffic is close enough to pose “an immediate hazard.”

We don’t dispute the statute’s importance. But when we try car accident injury cases, we know the law will be read to the jury verbatim before they make their decision. Hearing the letter of the law may sway the jury from ruling in favor of the car making the left turn– even if the turn didn’t cause the accident.

We want our readers to be aware of this law and do everything possible to eliminate left turn accidents. Please take caution before turning left. Those who are injured in a left turn accident must explore whether or not ARS 28 772 prevents them from bringing a claim and realizing fair compensation. Thus, a complete analysis from a skilled Arizona personal injury trial lawyer is required.

If you have recently been in an auto accident at an intersection an believe the crash was caused by a negligent motorist who failed to follow the laws pertaining to turning left, then you may have a valid injury claim. Contact Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today to learn more about your legal rights.

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