Who Pays for Medical Bills After a Glendale Car Accident?

There are generally three different avenues to pursue after being in an auto accident when it comes to ensuring you are compensated for your medical bills:

  1. Your Health Insurance
  2. The Negligent Driver’s Car Insurance
  3. A Combination of Both

The following post will discuss how your health insurance may be enough to cover your medical bills.

Your Health Insurance
Many people don’t consider their own health insurance when they’ve been involved in an accident. In fact, some even think they can’t use their own health insurance to pay their medical bills. This is simply not true. After all, you pay monthly premiums to your health insurance company for protection should you be hurt or injured.

Using your own health insurance is usually the first line of defense in Glendale auto accident cases. It is the quickest way to ensure you get the care and treatment you need.

However, depending on the specifics of your car accident case, Arizona law may eventually dictate that your health insurance doesn’t have to pay the medical bills that resulted from your accident. In these cases, the health insurance company will then get fully or partially reimbursed by the negligent driver’s insurance company. This is rarely the case, though. Again, you pay for health insurance in order to provide you with medical care should you become sick or injured. So just because you were injured in a car accident, doesn’t let your health insurance company off the hook when it comes time to pay for your medical bills.

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