Certified Specialist by the State Bar of Arizona

Only a very small group of lawyers belonging to the State Bar of Arizona are certified as specialists in injury and wrongful death law.

We cannot compare lawyers to doctors, who also have specialists that deal in different areas of medicine. For a broken arm, you would probably go to an orthopedic surgeon, and an orthopedic surgeon is possibly the only kind of doctor you would go to for such an injury. You certainly would not go to a gastroenterologist to repair your broken arm, as they do not have experience in this area of medicine. In medicine, a doctor’s specialty is defined as what they do. When it comes to lawyers, however, it is a whole different story. Any Arizona lawyer admitted to the State Bar of Arizona can practice in any area they choose. Even if a lawyer has experience only in divorce law, it does not mean that they cannot advertise that they also practice personal injury law.

It is for this reason that bar associations across the country began to establish programs to certify specialists in certain areas of the law. This gives consumers and the public more confidence when looking for a lawyer for a specialized case.

Even after all the criteria has been met, the lawyer must then take a day-long test on nothing but personal injury and wrongful death legal issues. If the lawyer then fails this exam, he or she cannot be certified as a specialist in personal injury and wrongful death litigation by the state bar.

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To learn more about the value of an attorney being a certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death litigation, please refer to our next blog post.

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