Collision Coverage in Arizona Auto Accidents

Collision coverage is a type of voluntary insurance. It will pay for the repairs to your own vehicle, regardless if you are at fault in the accident. If the other party is at fault in the accident, typically their liability insurance will pay for the repairs to your car. Collision coverage normally includes a deductible, whereas liability insurance coverage does not.

If you were the victim of an auto accident, you can file a claim for damages under your own collision insurance, or you may present the claim to the defendant’s insurance carrier, under their liability insurance coverage.

If you choose to file a claim under your own collision coverage, then after the claim has been paid out, your insurance carrier can seek reimbursement from the defendant’s insurance carrier. This process is called subrogation, and does not impact you.

While the cause of automobile accidents in Phoenix, Arizona can vary, one factor is clear: if you’re seriously injured in an accident, you must move quickly. It is essential that the accident in question be thoroughly investigated, evidence preserved, and physicians and expert witnesses evaluate your injuries and the accident.

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In personal injury car accident cases, there is a statute of limitations attached. So be sure to contact us immediately following the accident; otherwise, you might lose out on your right to file a claim.

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