Determining Who Pays Medical Bills after an Auto Accident

Arizona personal injury attorneys work to help ensure that all medical bills caused by the negligence of another driver are paid. It is the responsibility of the negligent driver to pay medical costs that are necessitated by the injuries caused by the car accident.

Of course, in very few cases does the actual driver of the other car pay these medical bills. The reason we have insurance laws in Arizona and the U.S. is to make sure that those sometimes substantial medical bills can actually be paid. It is also the goal of the law to make sure that a driver who causes a car accident is not forced into bankruptcy. On the other hand, it is the right of the person injured in the car accident to receive the medical care they need in order to get better. Thus, that person has the right to pursue medical bill repayment from the person who caused the crash.

Now, it is also important to note the best Peoria personal injury lawyers will go to great lengths to explain the many different aspects of securing medical bill repayment to their clients. For instance, a popular misconception leads many people to believe that their auto insurance (and not their health insurance) must cover medical bills after they are involved in a car accident. Although every health insurance policy is different, the reality is that somebody who has been injured in a car accident and has health insurance should almost always use that health insurance in order to obtain the best possible care. The fact that the negligent party’s insurance provider is required to pay the injured person’s medical bills is something that a personal injury lawyer can deal with later.

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