Peoria Personal Injury Claims: Choosing to Settle May Not Be the Best Decision

When meeting with potential clients, many Peoria, Arizona personal injury lawyers focus on the fact that they intentionally try to settle every case they accept. The reason this is so common is that most injured people and their families do not want to endure a trial. People who have been seriously injured want to settle their case so they can start to close what is often a grueling, unhappy chapter of their lives. They want to get the compensation they’re entitled to under the law so they can concentrate on recovery.

In spite of the popular perception, the reality is that most people who have suffered serious injury or lost a loved one in an accident are not looking for a giant pay day. They are really just trying to get what is fair, and in the majority of cases they are merely trying to get what is owed to them. They are trying to regain what they have lost in the wake of an event they did not cause. For these reasons and many more, it is not in the interest of most people to suffer through the lengthy process of a trial. Instead, if they can settle the case fairly, that’s what they prefer to do.

Although these points are reasonable, it is also quite important to be prudent when considering a lawyer who promises to settle an injury case. The insurance industry is extremely sophisticated. They know who the top Peoria, AZ personal injury lawyers are. More importantly, they know that the best Peoria car accident lawyers are always ready and willing to take a case to trial if necessary.

This is a crucial point. The willingness to go to trial is what drives a settlement’s ultimate value higher for the party that is represented by that lawyer.

At Breyer Law Offices, we are especially proud of the fact that we are willing to fight for our clients until the very end. This is not just a benefit for those clients who decide to go to trial, as the question of whether or not to settle rests with each individual client. Our real value lies in the fact that we do not encourage our clients to settle for a single dollar less than the fair settlement value of their case. If our clients choose to settle even when they are not given a substantial offer, their decision is final. Our job is to give advice and explain how we came to believe as we do. It is then up to each of our clients to choose whether to follow our advice or to settle a case for less than what we believe it may be worth.

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