Preserving Other Evidence Besides Photos After an Auto Accident

While it may not seem important at the time, evidence can make or break a personal injury case. For instance, in an accident where a passenger was ejected from the vehicle, it is vital to examine the seat belt to ensure it was working properly. Even if the seat belt wasn’t working right, the injured person won’t be able to bring a case against the seat belt or car manufacturer if they can’t prove their claim with hard evidence.

Oftentimes in these kinds of accidents, the car in question is moved to another location. In such instances, an experienced attorney will be able to put everyone involved (including owners, tow operators, wrecking yards, and police impound staff) “on notice” that they can be sued if they don’t preserve the evidence in question. In some case, it’s even necessary to go to court to secure a restraining order and injunction to avoid the destruction or mishandling of the evidence.

The easiest way to go about preserving evidence is to contact an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. He or she will have investigators on staff that can rush to the scene of the accident to preserve or document critical evidence before it is lost.

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