Scottsdale Personal Injury Wrongful Death and Truck Accident Lawyers

The city of Scottsdale is one of Arizona’s most desired tourist attractions and a popular place to live. Bordered by Phoenix and situated in the eastern region of Maricopa County, Scottsdale has an approximate population of 235,371. Often described as “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach”, Scottsdale is well-known for its valuable real estate market, diverse culture, and enjoyable warm weather. As home to so many residents and in addition to the vast amount of visitors who pass through the city, Scottsdale is not immune to the often unexpected and tragic incidents of wrongful death.

Wrongful death events can be caused by a variety of accidents including truck accidents, construction accidents, and auto accidents. When such catastrophic events take place without any warning, families experience emotional anguish that no one should ever have to endure. In addition to this grief, surviving family members may also find themselves firmly gripped by debt as a result of not being prepared to lose their primary wage earner or cover funeral expenses. During such challenging times, an experienced Scottsdale wrongful death lawyer can assist a family who has lost a loved one in obtaining compensation from the negligent individual or group that caused the wrongful death.

The dedicated attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. have handled many wrongful death cases pertaining to truck accidents. Truck accidents are some of the most serious incidents that can take place on Scottsdale’s roads and highways, mainly due to the immense size and weight of large trucks in relation to small automobiles, motorcycles, and vulnerable pedestrians.

Monetary compensation may be sought by qualifying family members of a wrongful death victim when truck collisions are caused by a truck driver’s negligence or any kind of negligent action committed by the trucking company that employs the driver involved in a particular crash.

The Husband and Wife Law Team at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. has helped many family members obtain compensation for their loss and the financial consequences associated with a wrongful death, such as funeral costs, hospital bills, loss of companionship, and medical treatment. For a free and confidential evaluation of your Scottsdale wrongful death or truck accident case, call Breyer Law Offices, P.C. at 602-978-6400 today.

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