The Importance of Technology in Personal Injury Cases

There’s a simple truth we must accept in almost any personal injury case: the defendant—our opponent–has the upper hand. And in case upon case, the defendant is either a major international corporation or a multi-billion dollar insurance company. They have assets and resources at hand that few plaintiffs could ever hope to match. They can spend the maximum amount they have to spend to ensure a favorable result. With overwhelming resources at hand, they face no pressing need to settle the case.

Efficiency has no value because they expect their resources to overpower those of an ordinary citizen. That’s why some firms have made an important decision: they must do everything they possibly can to level the playing field.

A skilled Phoenix personal injury attorney will want to eliminate some of the hurdles their clients face when they take on a corporate goliath. By using technical savvy to increase efficiency and organization, a lawyer gives their clients a tangible edge on the competition. They embrace a move into the digital age, and seek to be a leader in integrating new technology into their work for the benefit of clients and the growth of the legal profession.

When other law offices were still researching how to network their office computers, others were using scanning technology to document medical records in all their cases. When many personal injury practices— even some with years of experience—were still adopting cell phones and tiptoeing toward internet literacy, others were using trial programs and databases for case management.

At Breyer Law Offices, P.C., we decided early that we would have to master the digital and electronic advantages available in today’s business environment. More significantly, we recognized that if we planned to compete in a hi-tech workplace we would have to advance our understanding faster than our contemporaries.

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