The Value of Obtaining Certified Specialist Standing

Less than two percent of lawyers in Arizona, are certified as specialists in litigation pertaining to injury and wrongful death. That means that while 100% of all lawyers in Arizona can claim to be personal injury lawyers, can advertise as personal injury lawyers, and can put up web sites that say they take personal injury cases, fewer than two out of every 100 Arizona lawyers are actually certified injury and wrongful death specialists by the State Bar of Arizona.

Some people wonder how a lawyer becomes a certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. To go back to our medical analogy which was discussed in our previous post, it is not so unlike a specialist in medicine as a doctor. In order to become a specialist in personal injury and wrongful death, a lawyer must fill out an application, prove that they have conducted the required number of personal injury or wrongful death jury trials from start to finish, and that they were significantly involved in enough of the various parts of a personal injury or wrongful death court case to even be able to qualify to get to the next stages of the process. After a lawyer’s experience has been deemed as sufficient, lawyers in the community, lawyers whom the applicant has gone up against in court, and judges that have seen the lawyer in trial are then asked various questions about the applicant.

Just because Mark Breyer is a certified specialist of injury and wrongful death law does not mean that Alexis and Mark Breyer are the only ones who can pursue your case, nor does it mean there are not other great lawyers who are also certified specialists of injury and wrongful death law. We know, too, that there are also many great personal injury lawyers who have not yet been certified as such by the state bar, though many of these probably will eventually be.

What it means, however, is that when you choose someone who is a certified specialist that you are then assured that they are especially competent in that area of the law. This is very important when making a decision about something that can affect the rest of your life. If you require the assistance of a certified specialist in injury or wrongful death law, please contact Breyer Law Offices today for a free consultation of your potential case.

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