Understanding Car Accident Injury Claims

The law in Arizona dictates that a negligent driver who causes an accident is required to restore the person who was hurt to the state of health the injured party enjoyed prior to the accident. This obviously cannot be done with a magic wand. Someone who has suffered a serious personal injury in Arizona cannot go back in time. Therefore, to even the score, the law states that the person who caused the accident must reimburse the injured person for the pain, frustration, and anxiety they experience.

The at-fault party must make amends for the inability of an injured victim to participate in regular daily activities, the inability to have fun with friends, the inability to engage in recreational activities, the inability to fall asleep at night, pain felt after walking long distances or sitting for long periods of time. The list of possible grievances is endless, but the point is clear: an injury victim has the right to full and fair compensation under the law. This includes the pain that they live with. It also includes every other aspect of their life.

Putting an exact dollar value on harm suffered is never easy. Be wary of any lawyer who suggests that there is a simple formula for figuring the amount of a recovery that should be allowed under the law. Far too often, people tell us that they have heard that an accident claim is worth “three times the medical bills.” This is simply not the case.

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