Understanding Various Causes of Accidents on Construction Sites

Causes for construction accidents vary and are dependent on the type of job. Dangers include falling objects, working with live electricity, explosive chemicals, equipment failures, and injuries relating to slips and falls. These tend to be the most common type of construction related injuries.

The causes of accidents can be attributed to negligence on the part of general contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, and employees. Such are the extreme dangers that exist on almost every job site throughout the country, which can often lead to construction accidents that then can cause life-threatening conditions. Accidents on construction sites may require reconstructive surgery or amputation, or even result in serious brain injury. Some other incidents may leave construction workers with lifelong conditions that disfigure their bodies and negatively impact their ability to work or even pay for their own care.

Though workers’ compensation may cover a lot of the injuries associated with construction accidents, the monetary value of many workers’ compensation claims are not enough to provide for all the damages that are associated with meeting the workers’ fiscal responsibilities associated with the accident.

That is why in addition to workers compensation claims, construction workers are allowed to bring lawsuits against negligent parties associated with the construction accident in which they were injured, such as another company or contractor also working on the job site. This might include the provision of monies to pay for additional necessary medical services, deal with wage loss issues, the loss of life’s enjoyment, and anxiety associated with the resulting injury or permanent disability.

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