A Common Cause of Motorcycle Accidents: A Car Turned Left in Front of the Motorcycle

As Arizona personal injury attorneys, we know that one of the most common kinds of accidents that befall motorcycle riders involves a car turning left as a motorcycle headed in the opposite direction crosses the intersection. The car’s driver does not see the motorcycle and turns left directly in front of it. As a testimony to their prevalence, there is a warning in the Harley Davidson owner’s manual concerning this specific type of accident. In our practice, we have seen accidents like this on a repeated basis. For some reason, many motorists simply fail to look for oncoming motorcycles as vigilantly as they watch for larger oncoming vehicles.

A common reaction from the car’s driver following this kind of accident is to claim that the motorcycle was speeding. Yes, they never saw the motorcycle. Yet, to them, this fact is not due to of a failure on their part. It’s because the motorcycle appeared out of nowhere. It must have been speeding, they argue.

Any experienced Peoria motorcycle accident lawyer can expound on the biases and prejudices other drivers have against bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts. Driving a motorcycle is perfectly legal. No rider should be punished for choosing to engage in a legal activity. They certainly should not be punished because someone failed to see them and turned in front of them.

The primary reason it is so important to hire a good accident and injury lawyer after a motorcycle collision is to fight the bias that many people have against motorcyclists. It is crucially important that injury cases involving motorcycles are properly prepared. Evidence must be gathered in an efficient and complete manner, and every measure must be taken to prevent the negligent driver who caused the collision from escaping responsibility.

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